Most successful Clubhouses operate with a mix of private and public funding sources. Our intention is to build a diversity of revenue streams with 30% from foundations, grants, corporate donors and sponsors, 30% from private donations, and 40% from public funding sources.

Given the limited availability of public money for mental health in our state and county, the initial focus has been on obtaining contributions from private individuals, community organizations, foundation grants, and donations from local businesses. Our funding strategy is based on a multi-strand approach as follows:

  • Approach Clubhouse supporters for private donations. Within a year, we hope to raise substantial support from individuals and will continue to solicit private donations.

  • Research and identify potential foundation and corporate grants. The board and the executive team of HERO House NW will be writing/commissioning grants and proposals in the coming months.

  • Community fundraising events. Plans for our next community event are already in the discussion phase.

  • Explore avenues for accessing appropriate public funding sources including King County’s Mental Illness and Drug Dependency II fund (MIDD II), adult education county grants, IPS vocational rehabilitation reimbursement, and the 1115 Washington State Medicaid Transformation Waiver.