At HERO House NW, our vision is to transform mental health in Washington by briinging a Clubhouse to every community in our state. At Bellevue Clubhouse, east and across the lake from Seattle Clubhouse, we welcome members who are recovering from mental illness such as depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia – and help them rejoin their communities. We help people reclaim their lives through:

  • Education

  • Advocacy

  • Pre-vocational skill building

  • Socialization

  • Employment Placement & Rention

  • Work Order Days

We’ve been an International Clubhouse since December 2005, providing vocational and social recovery for adults ages 18 and up. Our goal is to build bridges to mental wellness through increased hope, empowerment, meaningful relationships, and abundant opportunities. Services are free of charge.

HERO House NW brings expertise to an evidence-based program that works! Since 2005, formerly HERO House, now Bellevue Clubhouse, has been the “What Now” for individuals who have become lost in the mental health system; or who are successful in clinical treatment but left isolated and unemployed. We help people rebuild their lives through education, advocacy, pre-vocational skill building, socialization, employment placement, and employment retention. HERO House assists, supports and empowers members to achieve independence through work-mediated relationships. Members participate in all work of the Clubhouse, including admin, clerical, enrollment and orientation, reach out, hiring/training/evaluation of staff, public relation, advocacy, transportation, meal prep and service, and evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness. The combination of clubhouse inclusion and Work Order Day, where the tasks of running the clubhouse are delegated to the members, helps boost self-esteem and re-accustoms members to a social and work atmosphere. This awakening of social awareness and accomplishment prepares them for entering the employment phase. Through Supported Employment, members identify career goals, gain employment and are retained in business and industry. Tangible materials are created to ease the member back into employment such as creating a resume, cover letter and practicing interview skills. In 2013, forty-four Hero House members earned $328,903 and clocked 29,885 on the job hours. Social programs occur in the evenings, weekends and on every major holiday.


Diagnosed with mental illness and living with his parents, Daniel found himself unemployed, isolated and depressed. In 2010, Daniel found HERO House. Through support and encouragement from HERO House staff and members, Daniel regained his self-confidence. He quickly realized his potential for employment and on March 22, 2012 Daniel became gainfully employed as a File Clerk with a local petroleum company. Daniel didn’t stop with employment though, in late 2012 Daniel was able to successfully move into his own condo.   

Daniel has just celebrated his two year work anniversary which is the longest job he has ever had! Even more powerful, Daniel has become a donor to HERO House. He now has the skills and ability to move forward and his next dream is to obtain full time employment. Not only has Daniel inspired himself, he has inspired and empowered others! As other members’ excitement

 about employment grows, so does the need for more jobs. We are moving qualified individuals from the welfare rolls to self-supporting employment but we need your help to keep up with the growing need. With increased capacity, we can double our efforts and our impact.