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As the program develops, we will begin contacting local media outlets with information, announcements, and updates. We will also promote the program through local mental health treatment programs, mental health providers, and public informational meetings.
By September, 2017, we hope to have accomplished the following marketing activities:

  • Created a Clubhouse website at and printed brochure
  • Set up our own page on Facebook social media and twitter
  • Mailed brochures to everyone on the NAMI-Seattle list
  • Mailed letters and brochures to mental health agencies and other friends of Clubhouse
  • Created PowerPoint presentations about the Clubhouse
  • Continue to deliver presentations to various community and business organizations
  • Continue to meet with mental health agency leaders in Seattle and seek their endorsements
  • Continue to meet with elected government officials and appointed leaders to explore funding opportunities for Clubhouse
  • Expand “Friends of Seattle Clubhouse” from 50 to 100