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Larry Clum

Larry began his career in mental health over twenty years ago working as a staff member in an accredited Clubhouse. He loves running, fishing and finding good deals at thrift shops. Most of all he loves journeying with people living with mental illness as they reclaim their lives. He is currently the COO of HERO House NW.

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Gretchen Hawkins

Gretchen’s nickname at Seattle Clubhouse is “Soul Momma.” She lives and breathes calm transformation through nurturing side by side work in the Clubhouse. With a rare mix of strong character while putting people at ease with unconditional positive regard, Gretchen is the perfect fit for Program Director at Seattle Clubhouse. Gretchen is also known for her good taste and appreciation for the little things that make our Clubhouse beautiful. There’s a rumor that she loves all things related to Star Wars.


Ryan Likes

Ryan has the gift of Woo. When you first meet him, you might think he’s the nicest person you’ve ever met, and it can’t be genuine. But then you come to realize he’s this way due to an deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for relationship. A person rooted deeply in faith, he exudes compassion backed up by action. Ryan is a bit of a foodie. Warning: Don’t ask him about the benefits of sugar in your diet! Ryan is a Clubhouse Rehabilitation Specialist extraordinaire.