The first Seattle Clubhouse will potentially reach 500-800 adults each year with an active membership of approximately 150 people and an estimated daily attendance of 60 members. Membership is voluntary, long term, and opens to anyone living with persistent mental illness who meets the Clubhouse membership criteria.

The Clubhouse will be located in or near downtown Seattle close to public transportation. It will be home-like and comfortable, convey respect and dignity, and be completely separate from a medical or treatment facility. Ideally the location will provide space for flower and vegetable gardens, have a reception area, conference room, office/administrative area, commercial food-service kitchen, dining area, and thrift store. All areas are open to members and staff.

The clubhouse paid staff will be very small as directed by the Clubhouse International model. There will be an executive director and three to seven staff who usually work in a generalist capacity. The work of running the Clubhouse will be performed primarily by members. All clubhouse programs and activities are operated by the members and staff working together, taking advantage of the talents and skills of the members. The activities— which provide work for the members and services to the members—are centered around doing the tasks needed to run the clubhouse (cooking, clerical, gardening, fundraising, etc.), paid outside employment through a variety of structured programs, social and recreational activities on evenings and weekends, educational opportunities, community support, reach-out to other members, and participating in the governance of the Clubhouse.