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Autumn Is Here

Autumn is here. With it comes a full palette of fall colors with all the splashes of red and golden across the foliage. Leaves twirl and dance in the crisp air which is becoming much cooler now as the days grow shorter.

Traditionally, this is the time for the members of the community to join together and share in the bounty of the year's harvest.

As the holiday of Thanksgiving draws near we have the opportunity to slow down and take inventory of all we are grateful for. We can take the time to notice the relationships with family and friends that often become overlooked through the course of the year from the stresses of work and school. This season is a wonderful time to reach out to those in our community and to embrace those we value the most.

There is always something special that can be done for someone we appreciate or that are less fortunate this season. Take your own inventory and share in the bounty with someone special this holiday season!

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