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Learning to Sign

Yesterday (06/08/21), we had our Clubhouse standards meeting. Several of us attended including, Gretchen, Ralph, Jon, and Mac. During this time, I had the opportunity to learn some American Sign Language (ASL) from Mac. Mac is deaf but he is able to read lips and able to communicate verbally as well with ASL; however, everyone has been wearing masks due to COVID19 making it difficult for Mac to read lips. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn ASL from Mac to overcome the communication barrier between us.

Mac was a great teacher. He taught me several things: counting to ten, the days of the week, time phrases (now, tomorrow, this/next week/month) and "we are all meeting." Just these few sign phrases made it a lot easier to communicate with Mac making it a lot easier for us two to talk with one another.

I have always been interested in learning different languages and am able to speak a couple rudimentarily, but learning ASL from Mac was more meaningful as I felt becoming closer to Mac. I hope to continue learning ASL.

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