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  • Tim S.

Living with Mental Health Diagnosis

Z-tangle doodles are a boon for me. As Birsel wrote, they jumpstart the intuitive mind. I feel that my intuitive mind is my strong suit with schizoaffective.

To start, go to bing or the engine of choice and search on "zentangle pattern" Rather than to get overwhelmed with the barrage of patterns, I would close my eyes and then go to pick one by random. If the resulting choice it is too complicated, then close the eyes and go again.

Settled on a pattern, then sit down and doodle for five minutes. I set a timer for my z-tangle doodle.

By Tim. S. at Seattle Clubhouse

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RaNaldo Shorter
RaNaldo Shorter
Nov 23, 2022

Could someone post a more exciting addtional drawing? Thanks.


RaNaldo Shorter
RaNaldo Shorter
Aug 25, 2022

Has anyone expressed that the weather is more? Recovery is important if you are in recovery? After that, then what is important? The reactions I experience is worth discussion, depending upon who you talk to.

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