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Baseball Spirit

Baseball is my favorite sport because of its grace, in fact my favorites parts often get overlooked. I know a lot of people like to call balls and strikes, which is why for fans like us baseball is never boring, but I love to watch pop flies, even if they are inconsequential foul balls (second strikes) for the pretty way they take wing and hover in the sky. Zen, I say, is seeing the men catch between innings, something you never do on TV.

I used to go to 30 games in a summer when bleachers were cheap and I lived in the International District, but this was only my second game. I seen one Rainiers game but some bums were giving me the business, Tacoma likes to be tough and I have my chin up as an odd man out, so I haven't been willing to go back yet. Maybe I will at least manage a few more games.

The fans mostly flaunted wearing masks which I thought anti-social. They should still mask up.

It was a very pretty day, the game was breezy, over in two hours and Crawford was legendary. We won.

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