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Climate Equity

I don't know if anybody else has been as confused as me as to the actual meaning of Climate Fairness which is one of the terms in use by idealists in movements trying to Save the Earth, which happily is gaining in public trust and momentum, but I'm sure I probably have more time to look into it since I don't have a steady job or family duties, only my study, libraries and clubhouse. One of the books I have long depended on is called Understanding Poverty which realizes its goal of explaining the way poverty is analyzed and what it means, for example the relative availability or scarcity of food.

A helpful tributary for me was the topic Migration and Trade, which is a very rich sidebar to the subject. In good experiences of refugee and immigration assimilation, trade is enriched and economic balance enhanced by the exchange of goods and development of new partnerships. Supposedly, I think, one of the terms in rhetoric you may have heard, Neoliberalism, takes advantage of hopes to profess success where really they are being defeated. In Migration this happens in severity when, for example, sex slavery camps are politically impossible to interfere with.

Climate comes up in part casually in American discourse anymore, which is weirdly slow to adjust to experiential evidence close at hand (this writing being on a historic day of record heat) because a Presidential candidate made a newsy type film called Inconvenient Truth. Fact is, though, Gore is an apologist for ideological tendencies that backfire against commonsense, defending his old comrades in arms, who went to Vietnam in efforts to vindicate the Vichy Empire, an outrage! Gore, Kerry and Biden carry the Administrative burden of recognition to veterans of endless war and endless environmental destruction, which disables their ability to stand up proudly against the cartoon mythologies of the far right extremists. They have served a woeful vision so they are free of fear from vigilantes.

Climate fairness envisions a world where we are no longer dislocated from the pleasures and fascination of nature, and where we begin to credit landscapes and abundance as our natural estate and stop digging so ferociously to destroy. It embraces the intelligent design of sharing and taking measures to see that no child is left behind anywhere.

All of us know the cruel truth is formidable, but maybe our best chance is to go for broke.

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