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Images from Tacoma Commute and mind

Tacoma girls was out playing football early this morning

Saw this, too from the window of the bus.

Greta Thunberg is a climate activist whose is a champion of a global movement to save the earth. She calls her dignity in Asperger's a superpower and showed just what she means at Arnold’s symposium in Austria last week. Where another mind might have softened her words she was scared, angry and mean; while showing little of those emotions she kept to facts and drew conclusions saying that just because those who do lip service to the issue can sleep at night does not mean someone should not wake them up. Her point was awful but well considered and played well with the labor crew I put it to this morning on my walk to the bus stop in Tacoma. To paraphrase her, nobody talked of covid generating new jobs when our people came coughing and dying for return of their lives to the clinics and the hospitals ~ it was a crisis. While there is surely truth that a Green New Deal will bring jobs it isn’t the point: We have a crisis that cannot be sidestepped. We have to change. I love Greta.

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