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Operation: Emergency Brake

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

As many people around here know I hold Greta Thunberg and her movement in high regard and if you want to know why I think they are so in-balance, look at this fabulous recent statement she and her friends are issuing, signed by so many people (add your name!)

I also had an idea to contribute: Operation: Emergency Brake

Basically the best idea seems to be organizing a Global sit down; I would aim to do it recurrently Like January 2022 first,, followed at regular intervals.

Do it like The Wave: the Wave goes on at baseball. Greta has probably never heard of it but someone starts and everyone misses they start again and soon everyone catches on. Op E.B. seems impossible; Greta’s point is that not doing things like Operation Emergency Brake makes survival more impossible than EB seems to be. Arnold (Schwarzenegger, a friend of hers) can get the word out but for me he’s pretty much off the team as far as how this happened.

Recuperation is the key in restoring our world just as much as in our recovery program. Think of tomorrow's children. They’ll thank us forty years from now.

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